Happy Holidays

December 30, 2009

I know it has been a while since our last post but life has been crazy on the island. 

There is a plethora of topics for discussion.

1) The phase 1 food/pay fiasco

2) Top management not fixing a small problem on a certain big blue building that quickly developed into a major problem that threatened the mission of the island.

3) The woefully inadequately preparations for the upcoming inspection.

4) The pittance that was the awards fee.

5) The dining facility.

While we believe that while many of the other issues are more important, the dining facility decisions are by far more fun to discuss and shows a critical flaw in reasoning.

First All of the benches were reupholstered.  While a few spots may have needed attention, most were in great condition.  The new color did not especially match the chairs but the difference was acceptable.  And of course if the benches and the tables must be replaced.  The items that were selected are quite simply laughable.  The, I suppose sea-foam green is the best color to call them, are very uncomfortable.  Beyond this a sizable portion of the population, namely the Great Walrus of Shemya, will not be able to fit on a single chair.  The legs are four posts instead of two runners.  This makes them much more unstable and more likely to destroy the carpet.

Next, the new tables.  Just wow.  Everyone knows that the people out at Shemya are special but to put us around shot bus yellow tables is just mean.  The thought of all these wonderful colors is enough to send one into an epileptic seizure.  It will be a positively wonderful to start the day with glaring yellow table staring back at you first thing in the morning.  The solution to this, green vinyl table cloths, just screams high-class.  On the up side they will make mexican and chinese nights seem more authentic.

The auditory stimulation is absolutely the icing on the cake.  The constant refrain of “If I saw you in Heaven” just adds so much enjoyment to every meal.  If it were at a barely audible level, as background music should be, this would no be a big deal.  But since it kept at a conversation hindering level it is simply annoying.  If management wanted to move a certain group of people, that area should just be permanently set aside for DV’s.  Even the coastguard have relocated to different seats in the chow hall. 

We, along with many others, will be boycotting the dining facility once the new tables and chairs arrive.  Another good proposal is to eat on the floor.  This obvious waste and abuse of government funds is criminal.  The purse strings are continually tightened to the point where vehicles have been waiting for parts for over a year but money is used on inadequate items that we did not need.  Everyone needs to take pictures and write to your congressperson about this.  I would suggest that while the inspectors are here no one stay and eat in the dining hall.  At some point a question will be asked and will have to be answered.  It could be a great way for change to initiated.  Just something to think about.

A special thankyou to everyone out here this holiday season.  You are taking time that you could be spending with your family to protect our nation.

Be careful, have fun, and watch out for scruffy poo.


A thank you to all the veiwers

October 16, 2009

Thank you for everyone that has viewed the site and voted.  Please feel free to leave a comment on the site or email them to shemyanews@gmail.com.  After a few more days the results of the poll will be formally presented in a post.   Please have all of your Shemya friends look at the site and vote.  This is intended to reflect the views of the majority of residents not just the few that administer this site.  Any and all messages will be kept confidential.  Also know that you can subscribe to the blog to be notified of any updates.


Hopefully the next post will highlight the good on the island.  So everyone please send your favorite pictures of Shemya.  If possible please include a brief description of when and where the picture was taken.  That is all for now and once again thanks to everyone for the support.

Be careful, have fun, and watch out for scruffy poo.

The issue of Shemya’s Captian Bligh

October 11, 2009

We are sure that everyone knows of the bristle faced adversary that is this post’s subject.  Delicacy and tact could be used here but since he generally chooses to not show even the most basic forms of respect to the people who live on the island, he shall not be afforded the respect that his position usually entails. 

He appears to have little to no leadership skills other than brute force, intimidation, and passive aggressive tendencies.  His sence of humor, if it could even be called that, is corse and boorish at the best of times.  When he speaks in a public setting, his demeanor does little to inspire confidence in what he is saying or in him personally.  He has no charisma.

His latest debacle involved licking the boots of a group of individuals that needed little to no special treatment.  This simply compounds on top of the farcical all hands meeting.  This group shared travesty did less to inform and console than to browbeat and deliver an ultimatum.

The issues of his demeanor, bearing, and lack of aesthetics must also be raised.  He is a very unappealing specimen of a human being.  More often than not he has food spilled on him.  His shirt is constantly untucked and in slovenly state.  Crocs are just plain dumb.  Lastly, his current mode of facial hair is completely in appropriate for anyone in senior management.

First poll


Be careful, have fun, and watch out for scruffy poo.

The Shemya Free Press

October 8, 2009
Our wonderful home

Our wonderful home

This is just a preliminary posting.  This will be used to bring up issues that affect the residents of Shemya that the management of the island consciously continue to ignore and on regular occasion exacerbate.  This is not to be used as a forum to slander others, but to anonymously discuss volatile issues.  The authors/moderators for this blog will will shift from time to time to ensure that one person is always on island to report accurate information. 

The first major post will be in a few days.  Be carful, have fun, and watch out for scruffy poo.